What is paintless dent
removal (PDR)?

At DentGuy we pride to offer you best-in-town car dent repair service. Our professional dent master team are well-known and earned a great reputation for providing flawless and confident dent removal services across Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and other regions. We’re happy to serve you with A-class service, regardless it’s a small door dent from a parking lot or basketball size dent from a random impact we are up to challenges. We are perfectionist, so all you need is to get in touch with us and enjoy our hassle-free paintless dent removal service. Our technicians are completely mobile. Meaning we come to your location and providing on site service. Real fast. Real quality. Real value.

Here is a quick list of paintless dent removal benefits:

– Quick service. Usually it takes around 30 minutes to fix dent
– Budget solution. Door dent repair will cost you a fraction of the price compared to bodyshop.
– Saving value of your car. By using our services you’re keeping your vehicle body untouched and in a factory top shape, so whenever you decide to sell it the car will have highest value on the market.

List of services by car model

Mobile paintless dent removal Mobile paintless dent removal

Alloy bend repair case

Painted alloy refurbishment and color change

Diamond cut alloy rim refurbishment case

Alloy bend repair case

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Painted alloy refurbishment and color change

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Diamond cut alloy rim refurbishment case

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Parking dents paintless dent repair case


Big dent paintless dent removal case

Parking dents paintless dent repair case

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Big dent paintless dent removal case

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Paintless Dent Removal for your car - quickly and effective

No matter how old the car is, it can get scratches or dents. This could be because of an unsuccessful parking or even a fallen branch. However, such damage significantly spoils the appearance of the car. This is especially important if you plan to sell it. After all, such small dents that do not affect the functionality of the car can significantly reduce its cost. Even if you are not planning to sell, you yourself can constantly notice these imperfections. What to do? Dent repair without paint, of course. It is quite simple.

paintless dent removal dubai

Repair terms

First of all, it is important to remember that it is worth asking for repairs as soon as you notice these scratches. After all, if you leave these damages unattended, then in the future they can expand and become deeper. And it will take longer and more expensive to repair them. And such repairing small dents will be relatively inexpensive and will take only a few hours, depending on where the dents are located. With the use of special equipment and with the participation of professional craftworker, all repairs will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

paintless dent repair before and after

Work process

As soon as you deliver your car to the workshop, a team of specialists will start working with it. The first stage is always diagnostics, which will allow you to detect all chips and cracks that need to be repaired. Then there is an assessment of the upcoming repair, with the determination of all the work and their cost. After that, the masters will only have to put the car in order. The major work will be to level the dents from the inside using special equipment. Since such work does not require grinding and painting, your car will be in service within a day.

pdr service

Basically, such damage concerns doors, and to access such damage, you need to remove the trim from the inside, but it also could be done quickly and efficiently. For such repairs without painting, there are no restrictions on which part of the car has to be leveled - modern equipment makes it possible to repair even the most inaccessible places.

What we can fix with this method?

Almost all minor scratches and damages can be removed by repairing the dents without painting. This could be damage caused by a door from another car, a branch, or some other obstruction in the path that is not too deep to damage the paint on the car.

pdr tehnology paintless dent repair

But the most frequent treatment is the repair of damage caused by hail - such small dents do not affect the operation of the vehicle, but significantly spoil its appearance, so they should be disposed of immediately after application. In addition, this method is quite applicable when there are hundreds of such injuries, as happens after a strong hail. However, a small collision can also lead to such consequences that will have to be eliminated by repairing the dents without painting the dents.

Advantages of the repair method without painting dents

If the damage done to your car is minor, but noticeable, this type of repair will be the best way out of the situation: Carrying out such repairs by good specialists from dent removal service completely and without a trace removes such minor damage to the body as scratches and dents. Such repairs are relatively inexpensive, carried out quickly and efficiently. Removal of dents without painting price is much better than late repair for deeper damage. And the most important advantage - after a short time, you get your car back again without dents that have spoiled its appearance so much.

1. Why is a DentGuy the Best Wheel Repair and Disc Repair Specialist in the UAE?

diamond wheel refurb

When it is necessary to restore or repair cast discos, it is important to entrust this matter to professionals. The company "DentGuy" has been helping its customers to give new life to alloy wheels for over 8 years. Complete replacement of wheels and rims is very expensive, and it is not always advisable to replace them with new ones. By contacting a trusted organization, you can significantly save money and get a high-quality recovery of your car's disks. The masters know firsthand how to restore alloy wheels, use proven modern methods of work.

2. Why do I need disk repair?

3. Why repair your corrosion alloy wheels?

Everyone who applied for the repair of alloy wheels pursues their own goal. For some, it is maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the car. For others, safety on the roads comes first. Someone wants to sell a car more profitably. Our specialists will make a thorough diagnosis of the wheels, identify problems and find the best ways to solve them. We carry out wheel crack repairs, disc repairs and even stylish wheel painting services in the shortest possible time.

alloy rim repair

The most common problems that customers come to us with are damage to the wheel disc and the need to repair the wheel rim. Our experienced specialists carry out cosmetic repairs of the rim and carry out the most serious and high-quality work to eliminate rim dents. Whichever service you use, the cost of rim repair will be profitable.

4. How long will it take to repair the aluminum rim?

wheel rim scratch repair

The key problems of repair and restoration of disks and rims are carried out by our masters in the shortest possible time, usually on the day of treatment. A better or more time-consuming recovery will take longer. Repair of 18-inch disks can take up to 48 hours. The repair time of the damaged rim is negotiated in advance.

5. Wheels and rims of which brands we can repair, restore and paint

polished alloy wheel repairs

The DentGuy company has an excellent reputation and is famous because it can qualitatively repair disks of almost any brand. Rolls-Royce, Range-Rover, Renault and Reliant are the most frequently used for restoration. We also have experience in repairing motorcycle rims. No matter how difficult your problem is, contact our company and we will help you solve it.

6. Why is it not recommended to repair car wheels and paint yourself

A DentGuy provides a full range of services, diagnostics, restoration of disks, rim painting, cosmetic and complete wheel repairs. We use effective methods of restoration and innovative equipment, thanks to this we give a guarantee for the work done. Our powder coatings will last at least 12 months. We are focused on results, and enthusiastic customer reviews are our best reward.

A Bent Wheel Rim is a Serious and Common Problem

It is very important for the safety of the driver and the vehicle that every detail is intact and serviceable. The slightest crack or dent in the future can lead to problems with driving. That is why it is so important to closely monitor its technical condition, including keeping the shape of the disc rim. Is a bent rim dangerous? Yes, so it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

rim bent problem

How to know if the rim is bent

Besides personal inspection after a hit or collision, you can guess about problems with the rim from indirect signs, in particular: If you notice one or more of these signs, be sure to check the integrity of the wheel rim. And if you are asking what causes a bent rim - it could even be because of a small pothole in the road or poor parking too close to the curb.

Can a bent rim be straightened?

As soon as you notice a malfunction - contact, the masters of a car service station in order to check if the bent rim is subject to repair. If you have steel rims, it is highly likely that the shape can be restored with some effort and with the equipment. If you are the owner of light-alloy wheels, the options are much less, but the chances are still there. It depends on how severe the damage is.

wheel rim bent

Do not try to remove the tires from the wheel and straighten them yourself - this can be done qualitatively only in a workshop, using special equipment. An attempt to do this on your own can lead to the fact that not only the rim, but the entire wheel will not be repairable.

How can a bent rim be repaired?

repair rim bent

The first step to take is to run diagnostics to find out if the rim is subject to repair. Before you arrive for service, try not to damage the wheel further. Then a professional tire technician will remove the tire from the wheel and clean the rim surface of any rust and dirt. The next steps of specialists will be associated with heating the surface of the rim and leveling it by placing it under a hydraulic press. Depending on bending, several such operations may be required. Further steps will directly depend on the complexity of the repair. You may need to weld pieces of metal, use a lathe and other equipment for work. Professional craft workers are usually ready for such difficulties. After finishing the leveling work, it may be necessary to powder or varnish.

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