Why us?

Being a small business with a low-volume high-quality vision, we are focused on bringing the most value to our clients and making sure we perform next to the perfect repair quality with every job we do, as our belief and motto always was “You are as good as your last job done”.

Why us?

Our team love challenging and difficult jobs, which are elsewhere considered as “not appropriate for PDR” or “conventional body shop repair required”, therefore we always make sure we go that “extra mile” to exceed customer’s satisfaction and get outstanding quality repairs.

Being the part of the industry for 10+ years, we really “know dents” and how the different types of metal moves during repair. We believe that endless experimenting and strive to get better leads to amazing results.

Why us?
Rolls-royce dent removal

DentGuy proved to be the first choice when it comes to getting your vehicle’s body perfect. We do all type of the vehicles, whether it is a recently taken from the showroom daily driver, exotic supercar, classic valuable vehicle or VIP-customers. Our company is a proven partner to a numerous of authorized distributors and official agencies across United Arab Emirates area.


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