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Wheel Rim Straightening – Why and How it Should be Done

Wheels are a very important part of a car or motorcycle, a lot depends on their serviceability – both fuel consumption, and traffic safety, and ease of driving. However, the wheels get damaged, and most often the rim bends. There can be many reasons for this – it is enough to run over a curb or not notice a hole in the road, unsuccessfully cross an obstacle or collide with an obstacle on the road. Regardless of how you receive such damage, it is important to immediately contact a repair shop after receiving it.

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How long will it take to repair?

Of course, not all damage can be repaired. But more often than not, the wheel rim can be straightened, even if they are chrome rims. In terms of time, it takes only one day, depending on the level of damage, it can literally take several hours. Motorcycle wheel rim straightening will take the same time as the car wheel rim.

How can a bent rim be repaired?

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First of all, it is important to know that such repairs are not carried out at home, because in order to return the rim to its shape, special equipment is used. Most often, these are several hydraulic machines of various types at once. Since the shape of the rim is not two-dimensional, then it has to be aligned in several planes at once. After the straightening of the wheel rim, it will keep its shape and will be perfectly balanced.

Is it important to straighten the rim?

Of course, yes. Of course, any damage to the car can be critical for its handling, but this applies to the wheels to a special extent. Changing the shape of the wheel can lead to:

  • vibration of the steering wheel when driving, this is especially felt when the speed is increased to maximum, ideal handling at which is critically important;
  • the fact that the rim simply ceases to hold air to the tire, it will quickly deflate and driving will become impossible;
  • increased tire wear – they will have to be changed much more often, since the damaged rim does not keep the pressure even;
  • uneconomical driving – problems with handling, a decrease in tire pressure will inevitably lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

car wheel rim straightening

The cost of such a repair is straightforward. Depends on how serious the damage is. After returning the rim to a round shape, additional polishing or coating may be required. But the result is worth it – your wheel will shine and looks like new.

You should remember that the serviceability of every part of the car is, first of all, your safety. And wheel rim straightening cannot be a secondary issue – different tire pressures of a car can quickly lead to an accident.

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Powder coating

How is the rim powder coating


Powder coating will not only allow you to restore the former shine of any freshly repaired part, but also generally protect it from the negative effects of the environment. This is especially important for motorcycle wheel powder coating. Such painting has no restrictions regarding its application in the automotive industry, moreover, it is this technology that is used at the largest automobile factories, where it has long been proven to be effective and economical. However, all these benefits can be felt if the repair is done by professionals, since it is a rather complicated process.
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Wheel Rim Polish

Methods and Technology for Polishing Discs


The look of a car can say a lot about its owner. Not the last thing people are staring at are alloy wheels. Unfortunately, they have the ability to lose their shine and can become really dirty and fade. So it will be useful to know how to clean polished alloy wheels.
In some cases a good rinse and dry may be enough for wheels. Anyway it has to be the first step before the polishing. Take it serious, because even small particles of sand can ruin all the work. It will be the best to use a specific cleaner for polished alloy wheel repair.
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Wheel Rim Refurbishment

Top 6 Reasons to Choose DentGuy Wheel Repair Service


When it is necessary to restore or repair cast discos, it is important to entrust this matter to professionals. The company “DentGuy” has been helping its customers to give new life to alloy wheels for more than 8 years. Complete replacement of wheels and rims is very expensive, and it is not always advisable to replace them with new ones. By contacting a trusted organization, you can significantly save money and get a high-quality recovery of your car’s disks. The masters know firsthand how to restore alloy wheels, use proven modern methods of work.
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