Paintless dent removal for Volvo XC90 at Dubai, UAE


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Removing dents without paint is a repairing process that is comparable to real art. Unique repairing methods allows your Volkswagen Touareg to look brand-new again, utilizing PDR (paintless dent removal) technique. You can address your inquiries at our website WhatsApp contact form or just by calling us.

Simply use your phone’s camera and send us photos or short video of the damage on 971 – 52 7120427 (ideally showing the full panel and at a slight angle). We will get back to you within 15 minutes with a free estimate (business hours).


The car body is constantly exposed to external factors. Sometimes contact with other objects, such as other vehicles, shopping mall trolleys, parking poles etc. can leave a dent on the vehicle doors, fenders, bonnet or other body panels. Common cases of vehicle damages:

  • Careless door opening from other shopping mall parking users
  • Unattended shopping trolleys hitting vehicle
  • Stone chip damages while driving on highway
  • Falling objects from buildings, garage shelves etc.

The intensity of deformation increases when the car is moving at speed. Automotive metal is thin enough to be damaged easily. As a result, the body’s surface is deformed.

dent repair FOR Volkswagen Touareg

To perform small body repairs without painting, we used a set of special tools for interior or for both work. There are also various techniques for restoring deformed parts and body parts.

If you have car like Volkswagen Touareg R-line in Dubai and like to repair your vehicle, we offer services like: Paintless dent repair | Dent Removal | Dubai >> Visit our website and learn more about our services.

Contact us to learn more about our repair process, or to schedule an appointment. Best Paintless Dent Removal services, Dubai & Abu Dhabi regions.

PDR service Dubai for Volkswagen

A combination of different alignment techniques can achieve an ideal result. In particular, the use of the glue system is the impact of a mini-lifter, a glue gun, fungi, a return hammer and an adapter. The pull-out hook system is:

  1. Special springs.
  2. Tapered.
  3. Knife hooks.

For tools and auxiliary operations, the following are also used: cores of different sizes, hammers of different formats, trowels, wedges, expansion pads, stops, holders, clamps and other fixtures and fittings.

We service auto dealerships, body shops, and also individual customers at their place of residence. I would like to introduce my team as DentGuy for over 10 years in this line. We understand how every owner of Volkswagen Touareg R-line feels when they see their precious ride damaged by inconsiderate people. Most common examples are kids/passengers opening their door wide causing dent marks on other people’s precious cars. We must admit I have helped many thousands of car owners saving hundreds or up to a thousand dollars solving their dent issue. After Many years, a lot of customers have given me their trust and compliments.

How we do PDR for Volkswagen Touareg

We carry out work to remove dents without painting, high-quality straightening without painting using vacuum straightening technologies. Our service station carries out innovative repair of dents without painting, removal of dents without painting of any complexity.

At DentGuy we pride to offer you best in Dubai ✅ car dent repair service ➤ OEM agency diamond cut finishing for an affordable price ᐉ See our works and call us ☎️


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