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Dentguy offers the best-in-town wheel restoration service with the latest and most advanced in-house equipment which allows us to do factory-quality alloy wheel refurbishment.

Curb rash repairing

Diamond cut / CNC lathe repair

Wheel polishing

Bend wheel straightening

Cracked alloy repair

Wheel color change

If you ride car likeand like to upgrade or restore your auto – we offer servisec like:Wheel Restoration | Rim Painting | Dubai(AE) >> Visit our site at page and learn more about our service.How Diamond Cut Wheel Looks Like?

Today there are many car manufacturers who build their vehicles with diamond cut alloy wheels equipped. Easy way to identify if your wheels have diamond cut finishing is, if the face of your wheels has a very shiny surface, almost like looking at the back of a audio CD. With a closer look, you would be able to see very fine lines on the face of the wheel rim. This is a wheel that has been produced using CNC (computer numerical control) industrial machine. DentGuy is proud to offer such a unique service in UAE with the latest alloy wheel diamond cutting machines available in-house.


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