Painted alloy refurbishment and color change

Samples of our wheel scuff repair services as well as the color

rim painting dubai

The stages of restoration process can be seen on the video below,
our team repaired all deep scuffs on the wheels, each rim was re-cut
on our state-of-the-art equipment, painted and lastly balanced to
perfection on tire-balancing machine.

Painted alloy refurbishment and color change case by DentGuy in Dubai, UAE 2021.

Finished result would be a set of diamond cut alloys, which will be
having a CD-like rainbow finishing.

Our advanced and extremely
precise equipment let us to get OEM-like finishing or (in some
cases) even better than that. On the video sample below you can see
what kind of result DentGuy able to provide.

Price from
Powder coating
300 AED

How is the rim powder coating

Powder coating will not only allow you to restore the former shine of any freshly repaired part, but also generally protect it from the negative effects of the environment. This is especially important for motorcycle wheel powder coating. Such painting has no restrictions regarding its application in the automotive industry, moreover, it is this technology that is used at the largest automobile factories, where it has long been proven to be effective and economical. However, all these benefits can be felt if the repair is done by professionals, since it is a rather complicated process.
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Wheel Rim Polish
300 AED

Methods and Technology for Polishing Discs

The look of a car can say a lot about its owner. Not the last thing people are staring at are alloy wheels. Unfortunately, they have the ability to lose their shine and can become really dirty and fade. So it will be useful to know how to clean polished alloy wheels.
In some cases a good rinse and dry may be enough for wheels. Anyway it has to be the first step before the polishing. Take it serious, because even small particles of sand can ruin all the work. It will be the best to use a specific cleaner for polished alloy wheel repair.
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Wheel Rim Refurbishment
250 AED

Top 6 Reasons to Choose DentGuy Wheel Repair Service

When it is necessary to restore or repair cast discos, it is important to entrust this matter to professionals. The company “DentGuy” has been helping its customers to give new life to alloy wheels for more than 8 years. Complete replacement of wheels and rims is very expensive, and it is not always advisable to replace them with new ones. By contacting a trusted organization, you can significantly save money and get a high-quality recovery of your car’s disks. The masters know firsthand how to restore alloy wheels, use proven modern methods of work.
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