Diamond Cut Wheel Repair

Diamond Cut Wheel Repair

What is a diamond cut wheel and how to repair it?

What is a diamond cut wheel and how to repair it?

Diamond cut alloy wheels have the chrome-like surface painted in black or grey colour additions. They give the effect of two different tones. This peculiarity is not visible with the addition, coloured in silver shade. Here, only the sunshine can show real flickering of the wheel. 

Major steps in repairing diamond cut wheels in Dubai

The process of diamond alloy wheel repair is difficult and quick. Firstly, the experienced specialist should remove the tyre to check out and find the problem. This action will also help to get full access to the damaged place and repair diamond cut alloy wheels with no problems. 

Specialists can also assess the condition of rims, check for buckles and fractures that cause most problems on the road. After careful discovery, a professional can start repairing diamond cut alloy wheels with the lathe. If the rim is not bent, the alloy cut will be flat too. The following step is to examine the condition of the paints on the diamond cut wheel. 

Major steps in repairing diamond cut wheels in Dubai

Sometimes the alloy needs a slight welding and repairing, but if it is unnecessary the next step is removing excessive alloy, paints and corrosion. When these elements are fully removed, the wheel is placed into a special oven to dry out all the chemical substances from its surface. 

The next step in diamond alloy wheel refurbishment is priming of the repaired wheel before replacing it into the oven once more. After hardening, the alloy specialist will paint the wheel with matching colour or any other colours that the client chooses himself. At the end of rim’s painting, it will be placed into the oven again. 

When the applied paint dries and hardens, the specialist places alloy on the professional lathe to determine its alloy. It is necessary for next correct alloy processing. The wheel will be spinning on the lathe with help of diamond cut tip that will renew the effect of flickering on the wheel. So, that’s why the process is called diamond cut. 

Major steps in repairing diamond cut wheels

Finally, the renewed alloy is hanged back in the oven for the final varnishing. On this step, the diamond cut alloy refurb the wheel is baked in the oven at a very high temperature to let the alloy become durable, strong and reliable. 

Then all the elements are placed back and rebalanced. This procedure is done with all four wheels if it is necessary.

Peculiarities of diamond cut rim repair

If you have some problems with your wheels, you can visit our service center DentGuy and use the help of our specialists. In most cases, we repair the rims and tires in one working day, but sometimes there are completed damages we can’t solve in one day, so the time for alloy wheel repair diamond cut can last for two days. You can leave your car on the territory of our service and if you are in a hurry, we will provide you with the loan vehicle. 

Peculiarities of diamond cut rim repair

We can also give you new loan alloys for the time of repeating your ones. So, your car will be on the way before we renew damaged rims. 

Our employees will find and check the problem with the car wheels quickly and easily. Because we have the best and the most reliable modern diamond cut lathes. Our professional operators can remove corrosion, different defects and old paint from the alloy, cut and change the surface of your alloy wheels. They will become productive, durable and strong as they were earlier. 

Return your car to its former speed, strength and durability. Visit our service DentGuy in Dubai, get professional advice and diamond cut rim repair for the available price.

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