Diamond cut alloy rim refurbishment case

In this article we would like to show an example of typical repair, we provide in-house at DentGuy workshop.

Customer request was to repair scuffed spots and recover original shine of the alloys, which became dull over the time and numerous car washings using aggressive chemicals for cleaning.

diamond cut alloy repair near me

The stages of restoration process can be seen on the video below, our team repaired all deep scuffs on the wheels, each rim was re-cut on our state-of-the-art equipment, painted and lastly balanced to perfection on tire-balancing machine.

Finished result would be a set of diamond cut alloys, which will be having a CD-like rainbow finishing. Our advanced and extremely precise equipment let us to get OEM-like finishing or (in some cases) even better than that. On the video sample below you can see what kind of result DentGuy able to provide.

Diamond cut alloy rim refurbishment case by DentGuy in Dubai, UAE 2021.


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