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The alloy rims are not just accessories for the appearance of the car. They are also a very important part of any car. Like all other details, aluminium wheels have an ability to crack and bent. So let’s take a look at the main cracked rim causes.

cracked rim repair

  • Improver wheel care.
  • The car ran into something sharp. Often new drivers have problems with parking and can run into the curb.
  • The size of the wheel. It can burst if the wheel had low pressure or was too big.
  • The exploitation term has gone. There are no forever rims. They lost their elasticity and it is how rims crack.

In case if you  have noticed a crack on your rims try to repair it as soon as possible. Our hard workers will help you to inspect the wheel on the availability of some scratch, cracks, bents and other defects. We are ready to do everything to fix your rims in the shortest time. Be sure that here you can  get the best services at reasonable prices.

Why Cracked Wheel Repair is Critical for Safety of Your Vehicle

You have to remember that driving on a cracked rim is very dangerous and worses the condition of the tires. It can even cause a blowout. If you notice some cracks on your rim immediately access their condition. It is not necessary to buy new wheels. Our specialists can always repair them instead. We can promise that their look will be just like new ones. So, alloy rim crack repair is a great way to save your money and to turn wheels in the perfect condition.

damaged rim repair

You must wonder what does a cracked rim looks like. In most cases cracks can be discovered only when puncture is spotted. Also, you can take a habit of checking your tire pressure. If air is going too fast, it may mean that there is a crack that you can’t see. Or you can just to trust our masters and we will check its condition.

Cost-Effective Alloy Wheel Repair that Won’t Break Your Wallet

aluminum rim crack repair

The purpose of our company is providing to our customers only available, convenient and high-quality repair services. Our rim repair professionals are experienced and high-trained. We heel the latest technologies and use them in our practice aluminium rim crack repair. Our prices are affordable, so we can provide our services to most car owners. And what is very important, when you have little time, we can perform repair services only in one day.

How to Repair a Cracked Alloy Wheel by the Stages

alloy rim crack repair

Trained professionals can weld the aluminium wheels for cracks, scratches, kerb damage and any other defects.

  • Stage 1 includes grinding out both sides of the crack.
  • Stage 2 of the repair is to weld both sides of the rim.
  • Stage 3 is grinding the weld down to avoid damage to the tyre.
Price from
Powder coating

How is the rim powder coating


Powder coating will not only allow you to restore the former shine of any freshly repaired part, but also generally protect it from the negative effects of the environment. This is especially important for motorcycle wheel powder coating. Such painting has no restrictions regarding its application in the automotive industry, moreover, it is this technology that is used at the largest automobile factories, where it has long been proven to be effective and economical. However, all these benefits can be felt if the repair is done by professionals, since it is a rather complicated process.
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Wheel Rim Polish

Methods and Technology for Polishing Discs


The look of a car can say a lot about its owner. Not the last thing people are staring at are alloy wheels. Unfortunately, they have the ability to lose their shine and can become really dirty and fade. So it will be useful to know how to clean polished alloy wheels.
In some cases a good rinse and dry may be enough for wheels. Anyway it has to be the first step before the polishing. Take it serious, because even small particles of sand can ruin all the work. It will be the best to use a specific cleaner for polished alloy wheel repair.
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Wheel Rim Refurbishment

Top 6 Reasons to Choose DentGuy Wheel Repair Service


When it is necessary to restore or repair cast discos, it is important to entrust this matter to professionals. The company “DentGuy” has been helping its customers to give new life to alloy wheels for more than 8 years. Complete replacement of wheels and rims is very expensive, and it is not always advisable to replace them with new ones. By contacting a trusted organization, you can significantly save money and get a high-quality recovery of your car’s disks. The masters know firsthand how to restore alloy wheels, use proven modern methods of work.
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