Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Dubai Alloy wheel powder coating means a decorative work on wheels in Dubai. It is executed in the same way as painting. Powder coating is sprayed on the wheel in dry form. After that the coating is heated forming special gel. This process is used as a part of wheel scratch … Continue reading Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Alloy Wheel Rim Straightening

Alloy Wheel Rim Straightening in Dubai Often drivers feel that the whole car is vibrating and it is uncomfortable to drive the car. Many mechanics advice to purchase a new wheel, because car wheel rim straightening is impossible. However, this is not true. Wheel rim straightening is quite frequent type of service in various workshops. … Continue reading Alloy Wheel Rim Straightening

Rim Repair

Painted Wheels Our Certified Wheel Technicians are able to restore wheels in a professional way. They will prime, repair and paint the wheel using a clear coat. DentGuy Rim Repar in Dubai selects the color of painting that fits your car best. It takes up to an hour to paint a wheel. All customers are … Continue reading Rim Repair