Big dent paintless dent removal case

In this repair case we had VW Passat with a big dent on the quarter panel.

repair case we had VW Passat with a big dent

Additional complecity was that lower edge of the panel was severely damaged and pushed inside the wheelarch.

Volkswagen dent repair

Repairing of this big dent involved removal of the wheel, wheel arch plastic cover and some additional interior trim in order to get an access to damaged area from behind.

Volkswagen dent removal Dubai

Final result was outstanding repair, most important done completely paintless, leaving no marks / signs of repair whatsoever, and of course avoiding conventional bodyworks and paintjobs. Vehicle came out of DentGuy in the same shape, as it left once a showroom.

car body dent repair case

Here is short clip with detailed view on damaged area, repair process and final result of Paintless Dent Removal.


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