Alloy Wheels: peculiarities and advantages of using

Alloy Wheels: peculiarities and advantages of using

Alloy Wheels: peculiarities and advantages of using

Many years ago steel car wheels were very popular among the drivers because of their long-term work, reliability and durability. But their price was so high and different companies preferred to use more available alloy wheels. They have many advantages and don’t inferior in quality to steel. Such things are produced from magnesium or aluminium alloy, so they are sometimes called Mag wheels.  

peculiarities and advantages of using

Advantages of alloy wheels

This material proved its reliability and durability for many years of use by different transport companies. So, there are some necessary positive moments, connected with these wheels:

  1. Low weight 

Not to mention the fact that these things are used in passengers and cargo transportation, they weigh too little and have the same size as their steel counterparts. This advantage helps the things to drive carefully and serve much longer than the previous material. Such wheels even provide better grip with the road. 

  1. Attractive appearance 

Wheels made of the aluminium alloy are more attractive than steel ones. If a person starts to use these things, they will make the car modern, valuable and stylish. So, people buy these wheels to make the vehicle more expressive and expensive.

  1. Thermal conductivity 

Different types of alloys conduct heat much better than other metals. Their prominent role in the life of cars is to extend the life of car tires that don’t work for a long time damaged by heat. 

  1. Absence of the corrosion and rust process 

Alloys of aluminium are famous for their ability to resist the process of corrosion and rust. As to the steel ones, they can’t show good results in resistance.

  1. Braking process 

As the alloy wheels provide perfect traction with the road, they help to stop the car quickly and easy if it is necessary. The driver won’t feel the know or hop after braking. 

  1. Economy of fuel

Wheels made of alloy are easy to operate and characterized by high productivity. So, they save a great amount of fuel, which costs a lot nowadays. 

Alloy wheel damage

Alloy wheel damage

According to the variety of types of such elements (split rim, diamond cut and others) the process of fixing alloy wheel damage differs. So, there are such problems that can happen with your rims:

  • scratches,
  • scuff,
  • corrosion,
  • potholes and others.

Alloy wheels repair cost

Depending on the problem with car wheels, type of alloy, used for certain car wheels and their size, drivers will pay different prices. The place, where the wheel was damaged, plays a great role in formation of the final price too. 

Alloy wheels repair cost

Medium alloy wheels repair costs $100, even more when speaking about wheels with the size 20 and less. Bigger wheels will cost $25-$50 more per one. The complex repair of all four wheels with a size to 20 costs approximately $400, while ones with the size 21 and more around $450. 

Alloy wheel scuff repair 

Alloy wheel scuff repair 

Wheels made of aluminium alloy always suffer from scuffing, so there are different modern technologies to repair these damages and back the wheels their productivity, making them stronger. The car repair service “DentGuy” in Dubai uses metal fillers to remove deep scratches and dents on the car wheels. But sometimes the colour of the wheel doesn’t match the instrument. In this case the specialties use a new cover that is not so visible from the first sight. Such a process of repair will cost about $100-$150 for one wheel. 

Diamond cut alloys repair

This is a special kind of repairing that includes removing different damaged parts of the metal and colour covering. The procedure continues with varnishing the surface of the wheel to stop the process of corrosion. Diamond cut wheel repair will cost about $160 for one wheel. 

Why choose our service?

Our repair service provides clients with the perfect and reliable long-term results for a low price. So, our main advantages are:

  1. Low price for our services It is better to entrust the repair of your vehicle to the specialist than buy a new one. We provide our clients with a low price for any kind of repairing. But it depends on the certain type, place of damage and the complexity of repair. But not mentioning this fact you will spend less money than when buying a new vehicle. Remember, that even the smallest deviations from the normal work of the wheel is the reason for diagnosis. If you won’t react to the light hops or knock at first, in time you will repair the whole wheel.

Why choose our service

  1. Appearance of your vehicle If your alloy wheels are too old and spoil the appearance of your car, you can change them to a new bright one in our service.
  1. Productivity of the car rims Alloy wheels are light and reliable, but unlike the steel ones they can damage on the road. Such problems can reduce the productivity of wheels. Regular diagnosis can prevent the problem.
  1. Safety on the road There are different terrains and other damages on the roads that can cause unstable work of the wheels. Visit our specialists to keep your safety on the road and productivity of wheels.

If you need to know more information about the repair of alloy wheels in our service DentGuy in Dubai, contact us on the phone, mentioned on the site or leave the message on our email. Good luck to you and your car!

Price from
Diamond Cut

All about Car Wheel Diamond Cutting Technology

This is the complete removal of the entire top layer from the surface of the discs in order to give them perfect evenness and shine. It could be done only in a specialized workshop using separate equipment – a special type of lathe. Such work is performed only at a high level – otherwise, you can simply harm the disk itself. The process is quite complex and should take longer than standard sanding.It recommended using only 1-2 times, because each time a thin layer of the disc is removed itself. So you can refurbish diamond cut alloy wheels only sometimes – but it’s worth it.
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Wheel Rim Straightaning

Wheel Rim Straightening – How it Should be Done

Wheels are a very important part in a car or motorcycle, a lot depends on their serviceability – both fuel consumption, and traffic safety, and ease of driving. However, it happens that the wheels get damaged, and most often the rim bends. There can be many reasons for this – it is enough to run over a curb or not notice a hole in the road, unsuccessfully cross an obstacle or collide with an obstacle on the road. Regardless of how you receive such damage, it is important to immediately contact a repair shop after receiving it.
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Wheel Rim Bend

A Bent Wheel Rim is a Common Problem

The first step to take is to run diagnostics to find out if the rim is subject to repair. Before you arrive for service, try not to damage the wheel further.
Then a professional tire technician will remove the tire from the wheel and clean the rim surface of any rust and dirt. The next steps of specialists will be associated with heating the surface of the rim and leveling it by placing it under a hydraulic press. Depending on the degree of bending, several such operations may be required.
Further steps will directly depend on the complexity of the repair. You may need to weld pieces of metal, use a lathe and other equipment for work. Professional craftsmen are usually ready for such difficulties. After finishing the leveling work, it may be necessary to powder or varnish.
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Cracked Wheel Repair

Professional Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair Welders

The alloy rims are not just accessories for the appearance of the car. They are also a very important part of any car. Like all other details, aluminium wheels have an ability to crack and bent. So let’s take a look at the main cracked rim causes.
In case if you have noticed a crack on your rims try to repair it as soon as possible. Our hard workers will help you to inspect the wheel on the availability of some scratch, cracks, bents and other defects. We are ready to do everything to fix your rims in the shortest time. Be sure that here you can get the best services at reasonable prices.
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