Alloy Wheel Repair in Dubai

Alloy Wheel Repair in Dubai

High-quality alloy wheel repair

High-quality alloy wheel repair

Alloy wheels on a car are fashionable and beautiful. But, unfortunately, in the life of every driver, there are many situations when the discs have to rub against the curb or other objects. This causes them scratches, gradually such discs lose their shine and beautiful appearance. High curbs, low bollards and also deep potholes are popular reasons car owners have to change their rims. Of course, only if you don’t know that DentGuy specialists can cope with such trifles.

Is it possible to return the previous look to alloy wheels in Dubai

Everything is possible. When the DentGuy craft-workers get down to business, they can easily remove scratches from your alloy wheel, refinish it, returning the entire car to its former shine. The primary goal of such repairs is to convince every car owner that such scratches are not yet a reason to spend money and purchase new alloy wheels. This is especially important if you’ve found the exact model you’ve been looking for, or purchased a limited edition from your favorite manufacturer.

Is it possible to return the previous look to alloy wheels in Dubai

In any case, repairing scratches on alloy wheels is quick and effective, it is a more economical way out of the situation than buying new ones. What is also important, DentGuy employs only highly qualified specialists who can cope with scratches of any complexity. It is safe to say that there is nothing impossible in such a renovation for DentGuy in Dubai.

Alloy wheel repair process in Dubai

Alloy wheel repair process in Dubai

The repair procedure we have worked it out to automatism. Each of the masters knows it very well in order to constantly keep the high standard of quality of repair from DentGuy:

  • Cleaning of the damaged area is necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of all damage received – the number of scratches, their depth and shape, additional abrasions or dents;
  • In order not to damage the tire itself during the repair process – it is covered with a special cover for this time, since for the entire repair period neither wheels, nor tires, nor discs themselves are removed – this saves time for the repair itself;
  • If in the process of diagnostics, deep dents or scratches were found, they are covered with a special putty;
  • After that, the actual restoration of light-alloy wheels begins – their thorough grinding and bringing them to shine;
  • The finishing touch – the repair technician applies a primer and color-coded paint to make the wheels look “like new”.

During the renovation process, the most modern equipment is used, which allows you to perfectly match the color in exact accordance with the original. Thus, after repairs in DentGuy, even the place of repair will be difficult to find.

Professional repair of light alloy wheels

It is very important that every, even the smallest, repairs to your car are carried out by professionals. For example, repairing alloy wheels at DentGuy will not only give you a glimpse of shiny parts again. This is also an excellent prophylaxis of minor damages for the future – after such a repair, your discs are not afraid of aggressive chemical compounds on the roads or severe weather conditions. They cannot do significant harm to your disks.

Professional repair of light alloy wheels

The main types damage to light-alloy wheels that the company’s specialists have to work with:

  • dents after collision with a curb or pothole;
  • scuffs after rubbing against a foreign object, for example, the same curb;
  • chips, the repair of which may require painting the disc.

Of course, more often than not, all three types of damage are presented on a disk in need of repair, which the masters in DentGuy can easily deal with. They are ready to give a six-month warranty for every case of repair of light-alloy wheels.

Repair of light alloy wheels in Dubai

DentGuy prides itself on the fact that it’s technicians do not require bulky stationary car service stations to carry out such repairs. If necessary, you can order a mobile disk repair service.

To do this, you do not have to disassemble the car, remove discs or even wheels – everything can be done quickly, efficiently and efficiently. DentGuy has specially developed its own SMART light alloy wheel repair technique, which, as proven by numerous grateful customers, provides a fantastic appearance when repairing damaged light alloy wheels. The main goal of developing this clever repair methodology is to help you get your vehicle back to top condition quickly and with great results. In fact, it takes no more than a few hours for the company’s specialists to repair one light-alloy wheel.

Repair of light alloy wheels in Dubai

After repairs, do not forget about caring for your discs – they should be regularly washed from various dirt, which may contain abrasive substances. At the same time, it is important not to clean them or apply a protective agent immediately after repair – at least five days must pass for the paint to harden before additional finishing is applied to it. 

In addition to repairing alloy wheels, DentGuy specializes in paint scratches, small dents, bumper scuffs and paint protection.

Price from
Diamond Cut

All about Car Wheel Diamond Cutting Technology

This is the complete removal of the entire top layer from the surface of the discs in order to give them perfect evenness and shine. It could be done only in a specialized workshop using separate equipment – a special type of lathe. Such work is performed only at a high level – otherwise, you can simply harm the disk itself. The process is quite complex and should take longer than standard sanding.It recommended using only 1-2 times, because each time a thin layer of the disc is removed itself. So you can refurbish diamond cut alloy wheels only sometimes – but it’s worth it.
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Wheel Rim Straightaning

Wheel Rim Straightening – How it Should be Done

Wheels are a very important part in a car or motorcycle, a lot depends on their serviceability – both fuel consumption, and traffic safety, and ease of driving. However, it happens that the wheels get damaged, and most often the rim bends. There can be many reasons for this – it is enough to run over a curb or not notice a hole in the road, unsuccessfully cross an obstacle or collide with an obstacle on the road. Regardless of how you receive such damage, it is important to immediately contact a repair shop after receiving it.
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Wheel Rim Bend

A Bent Wheel Rim is a Common Problem

The first step to take is to run diagnostics to find out if the rim is subject to repair. Before you arrive for service, try not to damage the wheel further.
Then a professional tire technician will remove the tire from the wheel and clean the rim surface of any rust and dirt. The next steps of specialists will be associated with heating the surface of the rim and leveling it by placing it under a hydraulic press. Depending on the degree of bending, several such operations may be required.
Further steps will directly depend on the complexity of the repair. You may need to weld pieces of metal, use a lathe and other equipment for work. Professional craftsmen are usually ready for such difficulties. After finishing the leveling work, it may be necessary to powder or varnish.
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Cracked Wheel Repair

Professional Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair Welders

The alloy rims are not just accessories for the appearance of the car. They are also a very important part of any car. Like all other details, aluminium wheels have an ability to crack and bent. So let’s take a look at the main cracked rim causes.
In case if you have noticed a crack on your rims try to repair it as soon as possible. Our hard workers will help you to inspect the wheel on the availability of some scratch, cracks, bents and other defects. We are ready to do everything to fix your rims in the shortest time. Be sure that here you can get the best services at reasonable prices.
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