Alloy bend repair case

In this article we would like to show an example of bend repair, we provide in-house at DentGuy workshop.

Our task was not only to restore shape of the wheel and rectify air leak, but to make sure alloy will be balanced perfectly and customer doesn’t get wobbling or shaking steering wheel at higher speeds.

cracked rim repair
rim dent repair cost

The stages of restoration process can be seen on the photo below.

Technician straightening wheel on our alloy bend repair equipment, skillfully heating the surface during repair just enough to not melt aluminium-made wheel, same time making sure it will not crack under the pressure.

Rim bent restoration

During the whole process technician cross-checking result of his work by precise needle type gauge, because that will affect balancing of wheel-tire combo on later stage.

rim restoration

Last step would be balancing of the assembled wheel, making sure it is perfectly straight and ready to be mounted on vehicle.

Alloy bend repair case Dubai

Finished result would be restored back to OEM specification wheel, without any vibrations, wobbling or steering wheel shakings. On the video below you can see process of bent rim repair.


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