3 Different Types of Wheel Damage

3 Different Types of Wheel Damage

Major problems with car wheels that happen on the road 

Facing different problems with the rims and tires on the road, drivers should quickly deal with them. Because these parts of each car provide this vehicle with a comfortable and safe movement. But sometimes car accidents happen unpredictably and even experienced drivers can get confused in such a situation. 

You can just turn up the vehicle and hear the scraping sound in your rim. Sometimes it is enough to move for 50 and fewer miles per hour to get in the pothole. And of course there can be more serious reasons for damaging the wheels of the car. So, they all need quick repair to continue the person’s way and protect him from accidents on the road. To avoid wheel damage, every driver should make a diagnosis regularly in the car repair service DentGuy in Dubai. Specialists of this service will easily find a problem with the rim and repair it. 

Main types of rim damage

Before speaking of the car repair, let’s check out three key problems with the alloy rims and tires. As we know, all the modern vehicles are equipped with wheels made of aluminium alloy. Such things are productive, durable, strong, and show good traction with the road. But unlike their steel colleagues, these wheels can easily damage. But some problems are not very serious and they don’t influence the quality of your move. Some of these problems need quick repair in the profile service. There are three main car rim damages:

  1. Curb rushing 

Curb rushing

Such an accident with the car happens at the moment, when the driver tries to make a quick turn and scrapes the curb with the wheel of the vehicle. After this, you can see the damaged metal and the exposure to different elements of the wheel.

The alloy is not protected by the special colouring since that time, so corrosion or rust can cause it. It can appear almost at the time of the accdent and destroy the wheel. But car rust is a cosmetic damage that can be fixed quickly if the driver visits repair service at once. Specialists will check the situation with the rims and tires, choose the way to extend the life of these details and renew the wheel.

  1. Bent rims – dangerous situation

Bent rims - dangerous situation

Driving on a bent rim is not good for the general situation with the car. Every hop, knock, or pothole on the road can lead to bents on the metal alloy of the wheel. Innocent wheel bent from the first sight seems to be not a real problem at all. But it can really lead to serious damage of not only the wheel, but its tires, filled with air. Because of damaged tires, the rim can become flat. This can kead to accidents on the road, the car can roll over or even spin out. So, driving on a bent rim is a dangerous thing not only for the driver and for other road users. 

Sometimes the tires don’t crack, but just you can feel the vibration during your trip. Bent wheels will cause this process. The bent wheel of the car will not only show the vibration, but even cause serious problems with steering, suspension systems. 

So, driving with the bent wheel is a dangerous thing. When you mention any changes in their work, visit the specialist of the repair service DentGuy in Dubai and check the situation with your chassis. 

  1. Driving on a cracked rim is dangerous 

Driving on a cracked rim is dangerous

The wheel cracking can appear after moving on a trash or hitting sharp objects. Rarely, wheels can crack with no impact, but sometimes cracks can be caused by bent wheels when the rim will take the force and make the crack. 

Repairing of the damaged alloy wheels

There are two main types of damages with the wheels: cosmetic and  structural. The first type is a simple damage, like curb, scuff, scrape and other that can be easily fixed without changing the wheel. 

The second type – structural damage is a more serious process, as a bend that changes the structure of the wheel itself. 

Repairing of the damaged alloy wheels

 Repairing structural damages is difficult, it includes heating, removing of the wheel, welding and so on. Such damages are, in most cases, not repairable and specialists recommend changing the rim and tire to new ones. So, when you mention any changes in the work of your vehicle, visit the car service to let the specialist check the situation with your wheels. But don’t do it yourself, leave the work to professionals who have all the equipment. 

The specialists of car service DentGuy in Dubai have all the skills and experience to repair your vehicle and reduce negative influence of bents, cracks and other alloy wheel damages on your trip. Contact us to get full information about the process of repair, its cost and other necessary questions. We will wait for your call!


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