Paint protection Dubai, Abu-Dhabi

We are using a products, unseen on UAE market before. Highest quality polishing materials and paint protection chemicals are made in Germany and matches all modern quality tests.

We use finest nano coating on the market, which is is the next generation of protective coating for any automobiles paint. This paint protection system increases your vehicle painted surface hardness up to 9H+ level, creating additional clear-coat cloating over the factory one, making it look more deep with paint-darkening effect.

The long lasting coat acts as a protective armor against acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays. When professionally applied to a cars paint surface, additional layer inhibits the penetration of heat from the surface of the paint, keeping the heat out.It maintains the luster, and a high gloss finish, as well as minimizes the appearance of light scratches.

Protective coating also makes washing your vehicle easier and faster, allowing for less-frequent washing and polishing.